Teaching gives her a new direction in life

Babita, one of our children who studied in Shanti Niketan had a dream to be independent and have her own family.

Her parents are from Karnataka. Being one of six children, the parents were not able to look after her. They came to Goa where two sisters Babita and Geeta were enrolled in the Light house Charity home. Through Lighthouse, both the sisters were enrolled in Shanti Niketan School.

Babita at the age of four had a new experience of learning in Shanti Niketan where, over the years, she learned dancing, swimming, painting and knitting. When she was schooling, Lighthouse was closed, and she was brought to Rainbow house at the age of 16. She completed her tenth board with a good percentage.

She wanted a break from her studies and started assisting preschool teachers and where she was offered a teacher’s training course program. She started working as an assistant teacher. Simultaneously she completed her teacher’s course offered by Shanti Niketan.

Now she is a preschool teacher, a self-reliant young lady.

She wants to pursue further studies and continue with her career as a teacher. Teaching other young children like herself, has given her new direction in life.

“I had always dreamt of becoming a teacher,” says Babita, “and I am happy it has now come true.”