Our four-tier work



Bringing childhood to children who have never had one.


El Shaddai exists to open Homes, Shelters, and Community Centres for street, slum, and underprivileged children providing them with the basic necessities of life, so as to develop their personalities leading to a brighter future.

Every child has the divine and legal right to grow in a secure environment with access to nutritious food, healthcare and education.
El Shaddai Charitable Trust works with children from the streets, slums and underprivileged sections of society in urban and rural areas of India. We support such children through our day-care shelters and community centres. We run homes for children living on the streets or those at high risk of various forms of abuse.

Scope of our Work

We work at four levels to ensure child protection and development for every child.


Tier 1: Children at risk

At the most basic and urgent level are children at risk. This is where we began work. We run Homes for children at risk of abuse within their homes, children on the street, and orphans. These children wander around the city begging and working for measly sums of money to satisfy their hunger and their parents’ hunger who are often alcoholics and drug addicts. On the streets, they are vulnerable to all kinds of abuse and grave physical dangers.

In our Homes, these children receive protection, are cared for with food, healthcare, clothing and a good education.

Tier 2: Outreach

Street children can access our Day Care shelters and community centres where they receive a nutritious mid-day meal, a place to clean up and after-school remedial classes. For many of these children, the meal they receive in the Shelter is their only meal of the day.

Our staff and volunteers conduct classes within slum communities where children have access to primary education and guidance on health and hygiene. Getting these children into school is a battle in itself as most parents cannot forgo the extra income that their working children provide.

Youth and women receive vocational training – their one chance at a livelihood that will change their family situations.

Tier 3: Education

We believe education is the way out of the cycle of poverty. For this reason, after providing children with the basics – protection, food and clothing, we give them access to education. We run a non-formal school where children can learn at their own pace and appear for public exams when ready. Our children have gone on to higher education in the fields of Management, Engineering, Catering and Hotel Management.

Tier 4: Advocacy

We work with the local state governments to help raise awareness and in the implementation of child rights. We work with child victims of abuse to bring perpetrators to justice. We also work with young offenders, and those accused of a crime. These children, shunned by society, mostly act out of economic necessity and often because they have been born into a cycle of violence and crime. By helping these children, we offer them a way out, back into becoming contributing members of society.

Where we Work

To maximise our impact, we currently focus on four states of India: Goa, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. With the help of our generous patrons and donors over 4000 children have been impacted directly over the years and the destinies of many more families have been forever changed for the better. Here are some of the children you have helped.

Bring Childhood back to the Children

Change does not happen overnight. Our Childhood Changemakers know this. Their regular donation gives children back their childhood and young lives can have a chance at futures.

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A Charity you can Trust

In 2017-18 80% of all expenditure went into projects with the balance 20% going toward administrative and fundraising.
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