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Our volunteers are an integral part of our team. Each one of us has the power to bring about change in the life of one child in need of just a little help. One gently word of advice, one touch is sometimes all it takes to bring about lasting change. Over the years, our volunteers have invested their skills, hearts, and minds in the lives of children who had nothing to look forward to. Through their efforts children have picked up skills like learning to read and write, developed their artistic talent, gained skills in technology, handicrafts, and technical areas. Many of these children have gone on to careers, contributing to society. Our volunteers have not only changed the lives of the children, they have been changed in many ways themselves.


Volunteer Experiences

We need volunteers with varied skillsets to help us throughout the year. Volunteers are deployed according to the needs of El Shaddai and, where possible, utilize the volunteers‟ skills.

The role of the volunteers within the school is vital in providing individual attention to the children most in need. Volunteers are also needed at most of our Centres, helping the children with their studies, helping our teachers and children with arts & craft or dressmaking, and using health care and health education skills. Working in our slum schools is also a life-changing experience as our volunteers have told us. We also need volunteers to help with sports like cricket, football and volleyball coaching, carpentry or masonry work. Spoken English is required in order to communicate effectively with us and our children.

Normally, you will be posted to one site for the majority of the month, so that you can build a meaningful relationship with the children. During the week, you may find yourself helping in our School, one of our Shelters or Centre or in the slums. You may spend time in one of our Homes, helping to care for the children and interacting with visitors. Then you may be asked to help at our stall at the Wednesday Anjuna Flea Market. On Saturday and Sunday afternoons we have a beach programme, when we take our resident children to the beach for fun and games. This is enjoyable, but also gives you an opportunity to promote El Shaddai to the tourists.

If you would like to make a difference in the lives of children giving them a chance at a brighter future, we are excited to have you as part of our team! Please let us know when completing the volunteer application form what skills you have and what you would like to help us with. To aid better efficiency in the volunteer programme, volunteers are asked to arrive on the first or third Monday in the month and to leave on a Friday. If this conflicts with University term dates etc., we can discuss alternatives.

Ready to volunteer at El Shaddai? You need to be over 18 years of age or will need to be accompanied by a parent/guardian. Read our comprehensive guide to volunteering in Goa.

Download our Volunteer Guide to familiarise yourself with volunteering at El Shaddai and Goa, India.

Download, print and fill out the Volunteer Application Form and send it to us at our India or UK address or email it to volunteer@childrescue.net

If you would like to intern with us, please download our Internship Application Form and send it to volunteer@childrescue.net

We are sure you will find working with us very rewarding and fulfilling.

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