Become the instrument of change for children in need.

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Every child has a divine right to grow in a loving caring family. But many are denied this right. Our mission is to change that.

Our Four-Tier Approach to Changing Childhoods


We run 35 projects and have touched 10,000 children and women and many families on the margins.

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But there’s more to be done to give childhood back to children. Here’s how you can make that change happen.

Become a Changemaker

Our Childhood Changemakers know change needs a long-term commitment. Their regular donation gives children back their childhood and young lives can have a chance at futures.


Our friends will do anything for money. For the children. A garage sale, a lemonade stand, climbing mountains or riding a bike cross country. And they have fun doing it.


Everyone has the power to effect change. Our volunteers use their God-given skills and not only brought change in the lives of the children, but something changed within too.

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Become a Social Advocate and follow us through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and our newsletter. Share stories among your friends and family. Blog about the change stories and inspire others to act.

Stories of Change

“Now my small family can live happily together”

One morning, as I was passing by the El Shaddai shelter, I entered and asked if they had a vacancy. I was offered a job as a Support Staff in the Shanti Niketan School. At the time, my two children were at home and were not attending any school. I was...

Challenges in Educating Children at Risk

“Every child is a caring adult away from being a success story” - Josh Shipp Poverty, single parenting, child labour, vulnerability, negligence, low parental education levels are the main risk factors of the children at risk. Understanding children-at-risk...

Stories of Change: Babita’s dreams of becoming a teacher

Teaching gives her a new direction in life Babita, one of our children who studied in Shanti Niketan had a dream to be independent and have her own family. Her parents are from Karnataka. Being one of six children, the parents were not able to...

Help Change Childhoods

For Rs 3000 (£30) a month, you can bring about change in the life of one child. It takes care of shelter, clothing, food and education. For Rs 100,000 (£1000) a month, you can bring change to an entire community.

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In 2017-18 80% of all expenditure went into projects with the balance 20% going toward administrative and fundraising.
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