Our Homes El Shaddai believes that all children must live with their parents. However, some children have no parents or their parents are in a vulnerable situation and are not able to provide care and protection for their child. This is were El Shaddai steps in and help these children who are at risk, so that they may have happy and safe childhood. The children would love to have you visit and spend time with them. Please contact one of the house managers to schedule a visit!

Victory House

Our First Children’s Home

Victory House, El Shaddai’s first child care home started in the year 1997 in a rented home in Vagator – Goa, at the hands of Mr. Duncan Watkinson. In 2000, we managed to buy a run down house in Saligao and renovated to shift Victory House there. It is now a home filled with fun and activities for roughly 60 children between the age of 8-12 years .

They attend different schools and love participating in extracurricular activities such as Football matches, Dog & the ball, Lagori games, Captain Ball etc. at Victory House. 


Mr. Dinesh Daniel is the house manager. If you would like to schedule a visit please contact him at:

Victory House, Cotula Vaddo Saligao Goa, 403511 +91 7028236698 victory@childrescue.net 

Shekinah House

Meaning: The Presence of God on Earth

Shekinah House was our second home, situated in Assagao together with House of Norma, House of Kathleen, and Rainbow House. It was inaugurated in the year 2000. There are around 62 boys aged 10 and above living in Shekinah House enjoying the care and protection of this substantial home.

Our boys are attending the formal school and Shanti Niketan School. A few of our boys are going to college to pursue their further education. El Shaddai conducts medical checkups at our homes throughout the year for our children. We teach our children discipline and character building values.


Mr. Jithu Mundackal is the house manager. If you would like to schedule a visit please contact him at:

Vol Vaddo, Assagao, Bardez, Goa, 403507 +91 832 6513295 shekinah@childrecue.net  


Rainbow House

A Sign of Promise

Rainbow House is our third home, situated in Assagao together with Shekinah House and House of Kathleen. In the year 1999 – 2000, Andreas Toscano, a farmer from Germany had seen the plight of the underprivileged girl children in India and wanted to set up a home for the girls to give them a brighter future. He mortgaged his farm and bought a house for EL Shaddai to set up a home for girls. 

Thanks to Mr. Toscano’s compassion, this home is a safe heaven for roughly 50 girls, aged between 8 – 16 years old.

The children participate in various activities such as talent shows, games, dramas, dances, speeches, and monologues at Rainbow House.

Contact us at:

  Rainbow House, Bairo Alto, Assagao, Goa, 403507 +91 832 2268640 rainbow@childrescue.net  

House of Kathleen

In Memory of Kathleen Moreman

House of Kathleen was our fourth home, situated in Assagao together with Shekinah House, House of Norma & Rainbow House. This house was donated by Ted Moreman. After 53 years of happy and content marriage, the death of his wife, Kathleen, left an indescribable void in Ted’s life who purchased a permanent home in April 2002 for the underprivileged children of India. It now has around 50 of our youngest children aged from 2 to 7; both boys and girls.

We conduct different types of fun-filled activities for the children such as dramas, musical chairs, blind man’s buff, drawing, and colouring etc

Visiting house of  Kathleeen and meeting the innocent, young children will always give you a joyful experience. You can truly see the love of God in their eyes.


Ms. Usha Nair is the house manager. If you would like to schedule a visit please contact her at:

House of Kathleen, Baira-Alto, Assagao, Bardez, Goa, 403507  +91 832 2268630 kathleen@childrescue.net

Roshni Nilaya

Meaning: A Home of Light

Roshni Nilaya is El Shaddai’s fifth Home, situated in Revora. Initially, this house was utilized by our senior boys who used to attend college and were prepared to get ready for living an independent life. We have now made it a new residential child care home. It is a home for around 50 boys aged 6 to 10 years old. These boys are enrolled at a local formal school.

The boys enjoy participating in quizzes, talent shows, dances, dramas, and competitions at Roshni Nilaya. The home is tucked away from all the noise and situated in a beautiful village near Revora Church.


Mr. Raju Venkatesh, who grew up in El Shaddai with his four siblings, is the house manager. If you would like to schedule a visit please contact him at:

Roshani Nilaya, Near Revora church, Revora,  Goa,  403513  +91 832 2211020 roshani@childrescue.net



House of Norma

Meaning: In Memory of Norma Harnalt

House of Norma, started in the year 2014, is a home for girls. It is our sixth home situated in Assagao together with Shekinah House, House of Kathleen, and Rainbow House. Our generous donor, Christopher Harnalt named this home after his mother, Norma. It currently houses around 50 girls aged from 6 to 10. Our girls are enrolled into the nearby formal school and Shanti Niketan School.

The girls enjoy quizzes, talent shows, dances, dramas and competitions at the House of Norma.


Ms. Nunnem Haolai is the house manager. If you would like to schedule a visit please contact her at:

 House of Norma, Valle Vaddo, Assagao, Bardez Goa,  403507 +91 7028235988 norma@childrescue.net

House of Verna

Meaning: Born in the Spring

House of Verna is a new home started in Spring of 2017 with the help of many helping hands. El Shaddai has been working in South Goa for many years. We came across many underprivileged children and orphans who needed care and protection. After a great struggle, we managed to acquire a home and renovated it. This is will be the home for roughly 70 -75 children who live in the slums and streets of South Goa.

This home has been  started for the purpose of rescuing  children of sex workers in and around the slums of Verna to give them a new hope. We have started the home with 35 children and we are looking for more sponsors to support us with this project.


Mr. Francis Tavares is the house manager. If you would like to schedule a visit please contact him at:

House of Verna, H.no:35, Bamborda, Verna, Salcette, Goa,  403722  0832-2782672 vernahouse@childrescue.net









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