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Changing lives of the children is a continuous process; nothing can be done in limited period. Child sponsorship is about sponsoring a child and supporting the child’s community. It connects two people – a sponsor with a generous heart and a child living in poverty.

Through the regular donation of our Changemakers, children can get their childhood back and young lives have a chance at futures.

You can bring about change starting now. Become a Changemaker. Invest in one life today.
Regular donations help us plan and implement programmes based on the needs of the communities we work with. The knowledge of future income also means we can reduce our administrative and fundraising overheads. As a result, more of your generous contribution goes directly towards giving children their childhood.



Sophia originates from Odisha. Her parents migrated to Goa in search of better living. Her father works as a labourer while her mother left the family, taking with her Sophia’s brother. Sophia and her elder sister were left with the father. Being the sole earner. the father works all day and the children are left alone at home. He is financially unstable but longs to provide Sophia and her sister with a good education & a safe environment to grow. That’s when he came to El Shaddai for help.


Ansu has been with us since August 2017. Ansu’s father passed away and his mother is the sole earner of the family. Ansu’s mother wishes to provide good education and a safe environment for Ansu but due to her inadequate income she is not capable to do so. To avoid further adversities Ansu’s mother came to El Shaddai for help and requested us to admit Ansu in our care. Ansu is learning to speak English and attends School. His ambition is to become an engineer.


Sameena was brought to El Shaddai when she was 3 years old along with her twin brothers. Their grandmother was forced to do this as the last resort, for the safety of the children. Their parents had a tumultuous relationship and the father would physically abuse the mother in a drunken state. During one of his stupors, he killed their mother. We are working on rehabilitating them through positive interaction, care, and a safe environment. They are learning to speak English and attend our day care centre (First Steps Play School) and Nursery (Shanti Niketan School).

Support children like Sophia, Ansu and Sameena. Become a ChangeMaker

It costs Rs. 100 (£1, €1.3, or $1.5) a day to provide a home, food, clothing, education, medication, shelter, and recreational facilities for one child. Your regular donation will be used for all children in our homes, to provide education and adequate nutrition, and also goes to address the issues that keep children out of school.

Use this form to set up your first payment. Our sponsorships department will get in touch with you to take you through the process of setting up automated monthly giving. You can cancel at any time if you wish.

By becoming a Childhood Changemaker you will be put in touch with one child from one of our homes. You will receive our newsletter that will keep you informed on the all the young lives your donations are transforming as well as hand-made cards and letters from the children you help support.

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In 2017-18 80% of all expenditure went into projects with the balance 20% going toward administrative and fundraising.
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