Community Centers


ASHRAYA COMMUNITY CENTRE organizes a number of activities for the children like wealth out of waste, paper art, clay art, CD art, decoration items, flower making, and card making. The Centre is happy to report that the Computer classes have helped many youth to get employment and also in their college projects giving them new hope. The Tailoring, Henna, and Nail art classes have enabled a number of women become self-employed or  secure part-time jobs.

TREMARA COMMUNITY CENTRE conducts awareness on Anti tobacco Day, Malaria and Dengue. It also carried out a Cleanliness Drive in slums in  collaboration with the Betkeri Health Centre. Monthly immunization sessions for approximate 90 underprivileged children are done regularly. Parent meetings are conducted where the parents are updated on their child’s performance. In our Skills Training classes, Curca Slum, we have started a course in Tailoring. The Joy of Giving Week was celebrated with the Kendriya Vidhyalaya School.

Community centers in Goa:

  • Ashraya Community Centre – Vasco
  • Tremara Community Centre – Chimbel
  • Sahara Community Centre – Old Goa
  • Albert’s Good News Centre – Moti Donger


DREAM CENTRE was inaugurated on the 15th of July, 2015 in Chennai. The Centre has small meetings in the slums to promote women empowerment and create awareness about hygiene, drug addiction and diabetes. The centre also conducts awareness programs on child labour, child abuse, child marriage and disease prevention in the rains.It aims to give the people there a brighter future. 

HOPE CENTRE at Kakkanjinagar, a slum in Chennai. It is inhabited by more than 3000 families and approximately 10,000 people.  It conducts tuition classes for more than 70 underprivileged children through two teachers.



FAITH MISSION CENTRE provides averagely 85 underprivileged children with food and extra coaching classes from Monday to Friday. We are also working outside the Kottayam Medical College Hospital to provide care and protection for 60+ HIV children. The centre has started a sub centre in Ottiyankunnu, near Kaduthuruthy, Kottayam in November, 2015 where 20 students gather every Monday to Friday from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm for tuition classes.


Each community center in Karnataka helps an average 100 underprivileged children with food and extra coaching classes from Monday to Friday. The centres provide nutritious meals, remedial classes and counselling.

The centres conduct women empowerment projects that help the women with income generation programmes and also distributes goats and chicken to the families who are from financially challenged areas. The other projects being implemented are digging of bore wells in the community to facilitate the availability of clean and fresh drinking water for the people.

List of centres in Karnataka:

  • Preeti Child Development Centre, Devala
  • Krupa Child Development Centre, Renatur
  • Sagar Child Development Centre, Renatur
  • Stuti Child Development Centre, Bellatti
  • Shalom Child Development Centre, Bellatti
  • Karuna Child Development Centre, Renatur
  • Mahima Child Development Centre, Chandor
  • Bethel Child Development Centre, Adrahalli


Our goal is to empower women to support the families








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