The act of donation is a gift of love to those children who never experienced childhood, and also the invisible warmth of a parent to those children who do not have a family.

The act of donation has a unique psychological effect on the donor; the donor directly observes the power of donation through the changes that result from the act. That’s when the donor realizes the potential of every penny he/she has with them and the magnitude of impact it can make on those in need.

There are so many needs and necessities which are unmet in the lives of children around the world. You may not be able to physically access all those children in dire poverty. But don’t stop yourselves from changing the destiny of a child with that thought! You can still impact the lives of children by sharing the resources with those who are already in access with those children but are short on resources.

Children, who are facing adverse situations in life and have lost their hope in the world, will slowly start having faith and will believe in the goodness of the world. Hearts of the people melt when they witness the transformation they were part of, in a child’s life.

The invisible side of donation is that it restores balance and creates a just system in the otherwise self-centred world. We don’t live in a perfect world, and there’s never going to be a perfect time to give – but there are always people out there in need of help. No matter how favourable or not the donor’s circumstance is, the act of giving will always improve the situation of those in desperate need. The donors around the world are always inspired to give more to the less fortunate children by simply seeing the sparkle in their eyes which resulted from the act of donation.

One of the positive factors of donation is that the system gives tax exemption to those who donate, providing benefits in real financial terms, supported by the Government of India. The other advantage seems to be social in nature, where the donor can meet new people who believe in the same causes of inspiration, which in turn can build a social network. Donating to the need of children has a long term, permanent effect which will help create a legacy for the donor. Meeting the deprived needs of children will sustain the impact into their future and in time change their destiny. The donor becomes the ultimate ‘changemaker’ in the lives of children.

The donor becomes a role model and an example for those who are willing but do not know how to donate. Stoking passions in the people around you is a very positive and tangible effect of your own giving. In fact, people associate donation with huge sums of money, but the truth is that even a small amount of money can satisfy the hunger of a starving child, much-needed medical attention, and improved schooling.

Children are a nation’s pride and it becomes the obligation of any good hearted human being, to gift a child, the childhood they deserve.

– By Christeena Kurian
Christeena works as a Counsellor at El Shaddai in Assagao