The Ashadeep Day Care Shelter along with Tremara Community Centre and Sahara Community Centre celebrated Christmas with the children on the 22nd of December 2016 at the Miramar beach. More than 570 children and a few parents were present for the Christmas party. The guests were Mrs Loretta Pereira from Shalom- ┬áPorvorim, Adv Harsha Naik (Member – Child Welfare Committee) and Mr Stanly Thomas (State Coordinator – El Shaddai Charitable Trust were present. Mrs Loretta spoke a few words and tried to interact with the children explaining as to why we celebrate Christmas. In her speech, she mentioned that without love for oneself and each other Christmas cannot be celebrated. The essence of Christmas is love and goodness. She also conveyed her best wishes to the children and to all who were present.

The Methodist youth group from Porvorim organized games for the children and organised and distributed Christmas gifts to all the Children. There were various dance performances put up by the children from the shelter and children. The children had a nice time.