Christmas, the festive season is the happiest holiday of the year. The children attending the El Shaddai’s Albert’s Good News Center were involved in decorating their own classes, singing joyful carols and exchanging gifts. This was not only fun for them but it also helps them build their communication and social developmental skills.  The Center organized a Christmas party for the kinder garden children’s on 21 of December 16. A day prior to the event all the children participated in the different activities such as decorating the Christmas tree and decorating their classrooms.The Christmas party began with the singing of carols followed by some games. At the end, Santa Claus entered and this brought joy on the faces of the children. There were also some children who feared to look at a huge man dressed in a red costume. The arrival of Santa Claus made the party more interesting as he danced and distributed chocolates to the children. At the end of the programme a small Christmas gift bag was given to each child. The children enjoyed the party.