Stepping Stones

Date:27 Mar, 2013

With a view of helping more children at risk, Stepping Stones our second Day Care and Night Shelter in Margao was opened in 2005. It has the same aims as Asha Deep: to provide a safe haven, medical attention, food, education, vocational training and the chance to change a child’s future.

Margao is the commercial city of Goa situated in the south where the main railway passes through, bringing with it countless migrants who come seeking employment and fortune. Along with these migrant labourers come their children who wander around the city begging and working for measly sums of money, usually only to satisfy their hunger and parents’ alcohol addictions. Others pass their time sniffing solvents or getting into trouble with shop owners and police. They have no access to education or proper healthcare because they do not have birth certificates as their parents do not know this has to be done.

Stepping Stones, the Day Care Night Shelter (DCNS) is at a strategic location at Margao, opposite the Mosque. It is close to the main Market as well as the railway station. We help any child irrespective of background or religion, who is in distress and at risk. The citizen of the city often refers children to the Shelter because they know that proper attention will be given to the children there. Getting the children into school is a battle in itself as there are no birth certificates available and the parents are too ignorant or do not care at all.

Our fieldworkers distribute clothes and food in the slums situated in and around the city. At present, we are running thirteen slum schools for the children who are not able to attend the Shelter facilities, due to long distance. We also provide First Aid for children and, if needed, we take them to the hospital for further treatment.

We need your help and support to help more children who are in distress and at risk. Help us to educate more children specially those who have a desire to learn and are hungry for education. Your contributions go a long way in making the life and future of a child that much brighter. Help us to help these children.