Hope Center

On 3rd September, 2016 we inaugurated the HOPE CENTRE at Kakkanjinagar which is one of the slum areas located in Chennai and is inhabited by more than 3000 families and approximately 10,000 people. The Centre was inaugurated by the Area Sub Inspector. We are grateful to Pastor Raj who helped us in getting the place. Tuition classes are being conducted for more than 70 children by the two teachers. The Centre staff is also planning to start a Computer centre and play school in the near future.

Currently only tuition classes are being conducted at the centre. More than 65 children are attending these tuition classes. There are three thousand families living in the surrounding slum and one of our biggest challenges is to find a place for conducting the centre’s activities. The Centre is conducting tuition classes in two places within the slum, one inside the church and another at an open place. The space constrain deprives us from conducting any other programs within the slum.


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