Park Hyatt Donated Money for El Shaddai

Park Hyatt donated a good amount of money for Elshaddai today. Thank you for all the Park hyatt team for their hard in raising the money. We truly appreciate all of you especially Mr. Chiranjib and the GM

El Shaddai chariatable trust

The Knight Frank Wolfpack running team comprising members of the Student Property, Residential Capital Markets and Cardiff Office teams recently completed the London to Cardiff 24 hour challenge.

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El shaddai charitable trust - Dream Center

The Centre continued with its daily field work within the slum community. As the summer heat in Chennai gets a bit difficult to manage, the centre conducted only indoor training activity such as Tailoring and Computer classes for the women. The Centre staff also conducted summer vacation coaching class for the children living within the slums within the Centre.

On 5th May a Teacher’s Training program was conducted for all staff under the leadership of Mrs. Bernice Mukesh, who is working as a principal in a Nursery School. The teachers were made aware of the importance of their role in shaping the future learning of the child under their care. The sessions were very helpful and useful as it gave the teachers some practical inputs on how to handle the little children.

A summer coaching camp has been organized by the Mahendra Art Mission Chennai. This Camp began on the 11th of May. Twenty of the children from the surrounding areas of the Centre are attending the coaching. The children are not only having fun but also learning different art forms of sketching, pencil drawing, colouring etc.

El Shaddai charitable trust

As this is vacation time and some of our children go home, the rest of the children who are girls from House of Kathleen and House of Norma were moved into the House of Rainbow. The boys from Roshni Nilaya and Vistory House were moved into Shekinah house. This not only makes it a bit easier to manage them but also gives the opportunity for the maintenance to be undertaken and the houses made ready for the monsoon.

One of the highlights of this vacation was the trip organized by a well wisher Ms Jemma for the children. This was a sponsored holiday to Bangalore where they were hosted in the Marriott . Lots of activities were organized for them. They left Goa on the 22nd by the flight and were back on the 28th .

El Shaddai Charitable Trust

This month we had around 79 children assessing the different programmes implemented at the centre as many children have left to travel to their villages for the annual May vacation. A lot of activities were conducted to keep the children occupied. Games, cultural and art activities, storytelling as well as sporting activities were organized for them. At the end of the session the children were given biscuits.

As the new academic year is to begin in June, the centre staff have now began preparation for the same. All the children’s profile was updated and has been kept ready.

Members of the Child Welfare Committee from the Women and Children Department visited the Centre to verify the services being provided to the children. They were happy to note that the space was children friendly and all the services were children safe. Also the staff qualifications were looked into by the committee to be found to be appropriate to deal with children.

During the reporting period we were able to help one parent to register the child into the formal school. Also regular field visits were conducted in the different areas in the Birla slum.

As there has been a request from the slum community in Dabolim for a slum school, the staff visited the slum to look for an appropriate location to begin the same.

The Home study was conducted for a few children whose social economic background had to be documented and profiled.


El Shaddai Charitable Trust

The Shelter had an average of about 50 children visiting it. This is lower to the other months and not only the tourist season is on the wane this time of the year but it is also vacation time in the schools so most of them go back to the villages. A lot recreational activities were organized for the children that attended our Shelter.


25th May International children missing day:

The Shelter staff visited the police station to find out the figures of children missing and to discuss the same with the people living around the area. During their field visits the staff also held discussions with the parents on some of the reasons as to why children run away from their homes. The parents were also given tips on how to tell the children to keep away from strangers and not take anything from them.  As most of these parents work full time to make ends meet we informed them of the location and the activities conducted at the shelter. This these parents realized could be a place where the children could not only be safe but also access educational opportunities.

Community health work:

Field and Community health work was carried out at the Cobra vaddo, Baga Bazar and Baga 2. The staff talked to the community about personal hygiene and health. The members of the community were adviced to bath regular and if possible to visit doctor. The staff also informed them to boil the water before drinking.


Distributed Manna food:

30 packets of Manna food was distributed to children living on the street for them to feed on atleast one meal a day.

El Shaddai charitable trust

The vacations have begun and most of the children have gone back to their villages so the Centre concentrated only on the vocational training of individuals.

This month the students attending the computer classes were taught M.S Excel and practical classes were given.

The Centre also had 34 persons attending the tailoring class.

Visits to the slum in the surrounding areas were conducted as usual and staff visited families whose children were sick.

This month the Centre conducted the immunization campaign and a total of 92 children were immunized. The weekly OPD for the community people was also organized and 86 patients were examined by the doctor.


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