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Social Influencers are a key part of a brand’s marketing and promotion strategy. How about using that same system to drive change? You can be an instrument of change wherever you are. Follow our social handles on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, like and share these stories to your own network. Blog about the people working in the field and the change stories on the ground.

How does Social Advocacy work?

By liking and sharing our content to your own feed/page you can help us increase the reach of our message and thereby have more people hear of the stories of children in need. Every time you share our content, your friends and family gets to know of our work. Besides, sites like Facebook, Instagram and Google will increase the rating of our page and website. This in turn will enable more people to find us online. And that eventually results in more people making change happen.

So you see? You can make change happen even by a simple act of clicking the share button on social media. That’s the real power of social networks.

Get creative! Share stories of how children’s lives are being changed and inspire others to do the same.

And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to meet some of the children we are working with, as well as people making change happen, to get inspired with ideas to do your own bit to bring childhood to children.

Bring Childhood back to the Children

Change does not happen overnight. Our Childhood Changemakers know this. Their regular donation gives children back their childhood and young lives can have a chance at futures.

Address: El Shaddai House Socol Vaddo, Assagao Goa-403507
Phone: +91-832-2268440/50

Charity Reg. No: 009/IV/Vol.1 80G Tax Exemption No.: CIT/PNJ/E-1/142/80G/2009-10/944
FCRA Reg. No: 271830134, 12A Reg. No.: 718/E-2/12A/CIT/PNJ/1999-2000
Note: Donations to El Shaddai Charitable Trust is eligible for 50% Tax Exemption under 80G

A Charity you can Trust

In 2017-18 80% of all expenditure went into projects with the balance 20% going toward administrative and fundraising.
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