Day Care & Night Shelters El Shaddai comes across 100s of children living in the streets. We decided to reach out to them by providing a safe place to have a hot meal, a shower, and receive counselling. Through this effort, we integrate the children into a normal stream of education or skill development. Over the years, El Shaddai has reached out to 1000s of children through our shelters.

Asha Deep

Meaning : A Lamp of Light

One of the dreams of our co – founders came to reality in 2003 when Asha Deep, our first Day Care Shelter was inaugurated. This was made possible through the compassion and generous donation of the Rotary Club of Zeist, Netherlands.

We reach out to hundreds of underprivileged children on a daily basis through Asha Deep. We provide hot meals, shower facilities and counselling for the children living in streets and slums of Panjim city.  We also work with younger children to create an interest for education and place them into local schools. This gives them the hope of a brighter future. We continue to support them by providing food and remedial classes.

We also reach out to all the slums around Panjim, conduct programs on health & hygiene, pre and post natal care, family planning, job skill development, and slum schools.

Shriom Tyagi – Shelter Incharge

Contact us at:

Asha deep, Opposite hotel Fidalgo, 3rd floor, Akbarally Bldg, 18 June Road, Panjim,  Goa,  403001 Tel: +91 832 2232055 Email:

Stepping Stones

With a view of helping more street children at risk, Stepping Stones, our second Day Care Shelter is at a strategic location in Margao, was opened in 2005. It has the same aims as Asha Deep. Margao is the commercial city of Goa situated in the south where the main railway passes through, bringing with it countless migrants who come seeking employment and fortune along with their children who wander around the city begging and working for measly sums of money. This too is done usually to satisfy their hunger and their parents’ hunger who are often alcoholics and drug addicts.  Getting these children into school is a battle in itself as most parents are ignorant about the benefits of an education. We have hundreds of underprivileged children availing benefits like formal and non formal education, coaching camps and tuition classes, Day Care facility etc.

We provide about 300 – 500 daily lunch packets called Manna Khanna for the homeless people and beggars.

We conduct many awareness programmes, women empowerment campaigns and campaigns on the prevention of child abuse. Various camps like medical, health, summer camps along with the outings are organized. Our fieldworkers distribute clothes and food in the slums situated in and around the city.
At present, we are running a few slum schools for children who are not able to attend the Shelter facilities, due to the distance.

Kajal Chicknali – Shelter Incharge

Contact us at:
  Stepping Stones, 390 Pajifond, Behind the mosque, Margao, Goa, 403601 Tel: +91 832 2735736 Email:

Little Acorns

In 2005, our third Day Care Shelter was inaugurated in the coastal village of Calangute, in the north of Goa to provide care and protection. Tourism is the main source of income in this area and during the tourist season people from the neighbouring states migrate to Goa in search of livelihood. The underprivileged children accompanying them are often sent out to work in the market. Some beg, others pick rags or rummage through bins for items that can be recycled and yet others work as hawkers. The lives of these children are dismal to say the least.

Little Acorns, the Day Care Shelter at Calangute serves as a safe haven for the street children. The children come off the streets into the Shelter for food and medical attention. Some come just because they are treated with compassion and made to feel loved. The fieldworkers who work from the shelter spread awareness in the community regarding the Shelter and so more and more children are referred to our care. We currently have a few slum schools in various slums  in Calangute, Candolim, Arpora etc.

100’s of underprivileged children are availing the benefits like formal & non formal education, coaching & tuitions classes, Day Care facility etc. We provide daily lunch packets called Manna Khanna for the street people and beggars. Education is a tool that opens doors to a brighter future and the Day Care Shelter at Calangute is doing everything in its power to see that the street children have a bright one. Food, clothes, and basic medical care is given to these children. The shelter runs purely on donations and so every helping hand counts to keep the shelter and the great work going. Education is provided within the Shelter and at Formal School.

Dinesh Daniel – Shelter Incharge

Contact us at:

  Little Acorns, 1st Floor, Rellino Apartments, Calangute – Anjuna Road, Opp. Royal Foods, Calangute, Goa, 403516 Tel: +91 832 2275997 Email:









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