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How can you help invest in our future?

By leaving a gift in your Will, you can help us offer a brighter future to the orphans and street children of India.

Generous gifts in the Wills of our supporters in the past have helped us open up Homes for underprivileged children. This allows them to be sheltered in a safe environment with the basic amenities every child should have. When a child has nowhere to go, your help may be the only hope they have. 

You can join a growing group of supporters to leave behind a better world with a gift in your Will to El Shaddai Charitable Trust. Together, we can create opportunities, save lives, and help children dream bigger.


Why Leave a Gift in Your Will?

El Shaddai depends on the gifts our supporters leave in their Wills. Your gift could help educate children in India by offering them a chance at a better life and safe living conditions.

You could help educate a deprived child : El Shaddai is helping over 4000 children go to school and get a quality education.

You could help end child’s marriage: Child marriage would fall by 64% worldwide if every girl receives an education… El Shaddai aerie educating girls and boys, giving both equal opportunities in life.

Every child matters – For some children, life does not hold much promise for a bright future. All they need is someone like you to believe in their dreams and give them the opportunity for a better life.


Albert Burns

Albert Burns passed away in 2010. He was known as Big Albert because he stood at 6ft 7in tall. In his will, he left half of his estate to El Shaddai as he was a supporter. In June 2014, with Albert’s contribution, El Shaddai opened Albert’s Good News Community center in Moti Dongor, Margao Goa which educates and empowers 300 slum children and provides vocational classes to 50 women and youth.  Albert gained a degree in engineering from the Imperial College London and briefly taught at various schools.  He also owned a chain of launderettes in Kent, UK. Albert, who never married or had children, loved to travel and spent a lot of time as an ex-pat working in the Gulf States on engineering projects out there.

A close friend said: “He was a hell of a man. I am desperately sad that he is no longer with us. Albert always saw the best in everyone and in any situation. No-one had a bad word to say about him and he didn’t about anyone else, either. All in all, he was a great man and he will be sorely missed by everyone who knew him.” We would like to thank Boys & Maughan, the lawyers of Albert Burns, Ruth, all our sponsors, and supporters for making this new Centre possible.

Leaving a Gift in your Will is an inspiring act of Kindness.

Steps to Make a Will

Making a Will

Getting Started

Step 1

Decide who you would like as executors. You would normally appoint at least 2 executors in your Will. Remember to check that people you ask are happy to take on the role.

You can choose to appoint a Solicitor, a Bank or an Accountant as your executor but please be aware that they will charge you a fee to act on your behalf.

Step 2

Calculate the value of your assets, property, and investments including any debts.

Step 3

Choose family, friends, favourite charities, Organisations that you would like to remember, and the type of gift you would like to leave.

A Solicitor can help talk you through the different options available to you.

Step 4

Visit a Solicitor to have your Will written. Your Solicitor may also be able to store your Will for you, but it is advisable to keep a copy in a safe place.

Step 5

Either give your executors a copy of your Will or inform them where they can find this information.

Step 6

Regularly review your Will; it is recommended that you revisit it every 5 years or if your circumstances change.


Getting help from a Solicitor:

It is always a good idea to ask a legal professional to write your Will to ensure it contains the right information. This can avoid problems such as, a witness of your Will cannot also be a beneficiary.

Will writing charges can vary dramatically. Always show around solicitors and find out what their charges are. You can find a reputable Solicitor by contacting the Law Society. More information can be found in the FAQ’s.

You may write your own Will although, this is not recommended as the wording may not be clear. The Will must be properly signed and witnessed or it could fail and Intestacy rules would apply.  It is usually best to get your Will drawn up professionally.

Why is it good to have a Will?

If you don’t have a Will, the law will decide who inherits your assets and possessions when you pass away. This could mean that your possessions would not go to the people you want them to.

The rules vary across the UK but in all 4 nations in the UK, the law aims to protect your spouse or civil partner and any children, including adopted children. However the law does not protect unmarried partners or step-children.

Without a Will, the Intestacy laws will apply. More information can be found on the Law Society website.


Inheritance Tax

Currently, Inheritance Tax must be paid on all estates in the U.K.; over £325,000 payable at 40%. As of April 2017, an additional £100,000 property allowance can be claimed which will increase year on year to 2020 to a maximum of £175,000. Each individual has an allowance known as a Nil Rate Band of £325,000. Should your spouse pass away before you, it is possible to transfer their Nil Rate Band to you which would give you £650,00 before Inheritance Tax is payable.

All charitable gifts are tax exempt and if you leave 10% or more to charities, Inheritance Tax will be reduced to 36%.

It is recommended to speak to a Solicitor for advise on Inheritance Tax.



If you can’t find an answer to your question below, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.


Q. Who shall I appoint as an executor of my Will?

You can appoint whoever you like but be sure to ask them before appointing. You can also appoint a professional such as, a Solicitor or Accountant but your estate will have to pay their fees.


Q. How can I find a reputable Solicitor?

Contact the Law Society

England and Wales – www.lawsociety.org.uk

Tel. +44 (0) 207 242 1222

Scotland – www.lawscot.org.uk

Tel. +44 (0) 1131 226 7411

Northern Ireland – www.lawsoc-ni.org

Tel. +44 (0) 289 023 1614


Q. What wording do I need to include in my Will?

Remember to include the Charities registered number and address.


Q. Do I have to tell you if I leave a Gift in my Will?

No, not at all. Your Will is personal to you and it’s your decision if you want to share your wishes. But if you do decide to tell us, we would love to be able thank you properly.


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Your support will make a huge difference in the lives of orphans and street children in India.











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