Community Projects

Meals On Wheels

El Shaddai‘s “Meals On Wheels”  food distribution programme commenced on the 25th of December 2013. The Poor and underprivileged living on the streets, slums & roadside are regularly provided at least one nutritious meal every day. Hundreds of adults & children benefit from this project and are provided with parcelled meals in three areas, Margao, Panjim and Calangute. Our staff not only distribute food packets to the underprivileged but also speak to them and enquire about their situation, comforting them with words of compassion. They also inform them about the purpose of El Shaddai and how they will benefit if their children are taken care of by El Shaddai.

SCAN India

SCAN aims at working in partnership with stakeholders at different levels such as the local community, State, National and International governments and non government agencies, under a nationwide, multi-agency, child protection system.

SCAN works in pursuit of the child protection and the protection of their rights as envisaged under the Convention on Child Rights. In order to achieve its goals and objectives SCAN comprises of three units i.e. Child Aid Unit, Juvenile Aid Unit and the Resource Unit.

SCAN also works to create awareness and disseminate information on laws related to children and works towards improving the status of children.

SCAN is committed to the care and protection of children from abuse and all forms of exploitation. The organisation works in four areas i.e. protection, development, survival and participation in a consolidated manner by providing sustainable and comprehensive services to better the lives of children in different states and reduce poverty in India.

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Loan a goat

El Shaddai Charitable Trust has been working on providing workable, self sustaining assistance to alleviate the suffering of people living in poor communities and the poverty in India. On the 6th of October, 2010, El Shaddai organized its first ‘Loan a Goat project’ in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. Over the years we have provided around a 1000 goats to many  families in the villages which has improved their sustainability.

All the beneficiaries were living below the poverty line and their average daily wage was a meager Rs. 50 per person. Most of the people here were under bonded labour for generations. The two main forms of employment were brick making and sugarcane cutting. Years ago, they had taken loans from the owners for their personal needs and they were not able to repay these loans. Adding to that, the high interest rates ensured that the loans are never repaid. Therefore, they ended up working all their lives under the same owners for very low income.

El Shaddai’s Goats program may not be able to liberate such families from their debts or bonded labour, but these goats will definitely assuage their sufferings and give them new hope. The goats provide milk for the family and manure for their kitchen garden so that at the very least they and their children will never go hungry. The villagers are extremely thankful to El Shaddai Charitable Trust for the gift of the goats.



El Shaddai has provided a source of life giving water to many families and villages at risk of water scarcity. Every day El Shaddai realizes there is more to be done. This led us to identify places where we could implement a social change and reduce poverty in India. We are unable to touch the lives of these people without the compassion and helping hands of our generous sponsors. We take this opportunity to thank all our sponsors who have donated towards our bore well project. The bore wells have been sunk so deep that they are able to provide fresh water  to many. El Shaddai has all together created 18 bore wells in different locations of India like Karwar, Sirsi, Lokkolli, Tadas, and Gandhinagar etc.









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