On 7th April a small group of Park Hyatt staff visited the shelter at 11:00 am. They began their visit by trying to interact with the children. To facilitate this a few ice breaker games were conducted by them. After conducting the games they distributed sweets to the children.The children too were given the opportunity to highlight their talents....Read More

Medical Camp      Summer Camp      Ashraya Centre

A Medical camp was conducted for the women and children living in the areas surrounding  Birla – Zuarinaga.


A whole day outing was organized for all the Shelter and Community centres on the 16th April 2016.


This month the Centre had around 157children attending the tuition classes. These students were excited.


El Shaddai Charitable Trust works for orphans, street children and children coming from economically underprivileged conditions. Children are cared and provided with food, clothing, shelter and education, for a better future. We have residential Homes, Day Care Centres, Community Centres, and Cottages for the seniors who are attending University, Colleges, Technical Institutions and Professional Training Centres & working with us as Trainees & Staff.

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