Shanti Niketan School

Shanti Niketan School – Center for Learning caters to the children of all age group like under privileged, slow learners, out of school, unfortunate children and who have missed the years of schooling. It is a Non Formal School established in 2001. The medium of instruction is English. Our main aim is to provide the children with the basic education and life skills in a non competitive, happy and secure environment that meet their needs and interest and find ways to contribute to their communities in short period of time. Our system of education is child centered and teaching approach is activity based. We teach our children with games and activities, organised recreational activities and personality development using non formal activities.
Curriculum facilitates individualised learning on different level within one learning centre with the responsibility of learning rather than teaching. Physical Education, Sports and Games, Socially Useful and Productive Work (SUPW), Project work, music, dance and Computer awareness are a vital part of the school curriculum. Children work at the level of difficulty suited to their ability. We focus on English and Maths as these are the building blocks in everything we do.
We have approximately 240 children between the age group of 3–18 years who avail educational facilities through our School. These children are mainly from the states of Goa, Karnataka and Maharashtra apart from some children coming from other backward states in India. Since 16 years, it has been fulfilling its mission statement ‘to work together towards excellence by creating a stimulating and exciting environment for learning, encouraging independence and personal responsibility and building good citizenship’.



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Item Name Quantity Price in Rupees Price in Dollars Price in Pounds Action
Bicycles 6 24000 352.22 247.32 Donate
Motor Cycle For Play School 6 18000 264.16 185.49 Donate
Rockers For Play School 6 18000 264.16 185.49 Donate
Ball Pool + Balls 1 8000 117.41 82.44 Donate
Printer With Scanner And Copier 1 133900 1965.07 1379.84 Donate
Water Cooler 1 40000 587.03 412.20 Donate
Sports Item 1 20000 293.51 206.10 Donate
Basket Ball Courts 1 200000 2935.13 2061.01 Donate
Stationery Items 1 500000 7337.83 5152.51 Donate
Painting Of School 1 200000 2935.13 2061.01 Donate
Educational Activties 1 200000 2935.13 2061.01 Donate
Camera‘s 5 35000 513.65 360.68 Donate
Teachers Salary 1 3000000 44027.00 30915.09 Donate


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