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The Shelter had an average of about 50 children visiting it. This is lower to the other months and not only the tourist season is on the wane this time of the year but it is also vacation time in the schools so most of them go back to the villages. A lot recreational activities were organized for the children that attended our Shelter.


25th May International children missing day:

The Shelter staff visited the police station to find out the figures of children missing and to discuss the same with the people living around the area. During their field visits the staff also held discussions with the parents on some of the reasons as to why children run away from their homes. The parents were also given tips on how to tell the children to keep away from strangers and not take anything from them.  As most of these parents work full time to make ends meet we informed them of the location and the activities conducted at the shelter. This these parents realized could be a place where the children could not only be safe but also access educational opportunities.

Community health work:

Field and Community health work was carried out at the Cobra vaddo, Baga Bazar and Baga 2. The staff talked to the community about personal hygiene and health. The members of the community were adviced to bath regular and if possible to visit doctor. The staff also informed them to boil the water before drinking.


Distributed Manna food:

30 packets of Manna food was distributed to children living on the street for them to feed on atleast one meal a day.

El Shaddai charitable trust

The vacations have begun and most of the children have gone back to their villages so the Centre concentrated only on the vocational training of individuals.

This month the students attending the computer classes were taught M.S Excel and practical classes were given.

The Centre also had 34 persons attending the tailoring class.

Visits to the slum in the surrounding areas were conducted as usual and staff visited families whose children were sick.

This month the Centre conducted the immunization campaign and a total of 92 children were immunized. The weekly OPD for the community people was also organized and 86 patients were examined by the doctor.

El Shaddai charitable trust

Events & Celebrations
The summer camp was organized at the Campal Children’s Park Panjim by all the Shelter and Community Centre Staff. 40 children from the Centre attended the program and had a wonderful time. The children enjoyed themselves. It was an opportunity to play and be among their own age group of children and be a child.
As the summer vacations have begun the children are having fun time at the shelter. Indoor games like carrom, chess, skipping, musical chairs etc are being conducted by the staff.  The staff also conducted General knowledge Quiz, teach the children rhymes, organize drawing and painting sessions etc. At present the Centre has 50 children on an average who turn up regularly to use the bathing facilities as well as for food and shelter. We also have some children at the shelter who come and visit our centre on weekends.

A whole day outing was organized for all the Shelter and Community centers on the 16th April 2016 at the Campal Children’s Park, Panjim from 10:00 am to 4:30 Pm. The program was inaugurated with the lighting of Lamp by Mrs.Rupa Dalvi CDPO, (TISWADI PANJIM GOA).  The children from the shelter performed a welcome song. About 400 children took part in this summer camp, all the children were provided with snacks and lunch.

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El shaddai charitable trust

Tremara Community Center is looking after 82 children every day. The Children are attending the Non Formal Studies class. The centre also runs a slum school where 20 children are attending.

On 16th April the children were taken for a one day summer camp organized for all the children from the Centres by El Shaddai. This was organized on at the Children’s park – Campal .Various activities were conducted for the children as well as the staff and all persons attending enjoyed themselves.

The students attending computer course were taught M.S. Word and also given some time to practice.

As part of our empowerment programme 34 women have joined the tailoring class. They are learning to stitch Nehru Shirt, plated umbrella skirt and chudidhar dress.

The Centre also conducts tailoring class in a slum area called Curca. Eight women have joined the class. In the reporting period they have been thought to stitch the umbrella skirt.

A general health check up was organized on the 29th of March. It was a general health camp for all the children attending the centre. This was an Ophthalmic and Dental Checkup.

El Shaddai charitable trust

Stepping Stone Street Child Rescue Centre has around 120 children attending on a daily basis. Children come to the shelter every day for Education, food and to be safe. We provide these children with Food, Clothing, Bathing facilities and Education. We are running 5 slum schools in different parts of Margao around 110 children benefit from it  every day.

The staff at the centre conducted curricular activity such as drawing, painting, storytelling classes for the Nursery and children attending the non formal education classes. Formal children were busy with their Final Exam preparation.

The regular distribution of manna packets continued to the people living on the street. This month we were also able to distribute clothes to some of them.

A team from Hyatt visited the shelter and interacted with the children, they also helped to pack the manna food. They conducted games for the children.

El Shaddai charitable trust

This month the Centre had around 157children attending the tuition classes. These students were from the Nursery and Lower KG.  Exams were conducted for these students. There were exams also conducted for the children attending from the higher classes. This was conducted subject wise in preparation for the final exams.

Counseling sessions were conducted for few children as well as for two other parents. Regular field visits in the different areas of Birla have also been conducted and a new place has been identified to start a slum school.

In preparations for the next year intake child profile were documented and a parents meeting was conducted with the Nursery and KG1 student’s parents with regards to the same.

A new batch each has begun for Tailoring, spoken English, Mehandi and Beautician.  The number of students joining the course : the evening batch for Beautician has 8 students, the Tailoring classes has 8 , Computer  has 5, Mehandi classes has 6 students and  spoken English  has  7 students attending classes.

Summer vacation classes were also conducted in Hair styling with 10 students and nine students attending computer classes.

Annual day of the school : The centre conducted its annual day for the students attending the Nursery and KG 1 tuition  classes  with parent’s .Games  were conducted for children and parents. The Annual Report Card with grading of the students was given to the parents.

Medical camp: A Medical camp was conducted for the women. This was organized in collaboration with the Park Hyatt team. The Salgaonkar Medical Research Centre sent in Doctors who were able to examine around 118 peoples and either treat or advise them.

Success story: One of the women attending the beautician course at our centre got a job in nearby beauty parlor.


The Alberts Good News Centre continued with the Formal and Non-Formal education classes which were held regularly. Around 50 children for nursery and 192 children for the other classes were present every day.

As all the school exams are over and the children now are on summer vacation, activities are being conducted with them and they are also being taught different things. Every day the children are also being given a mid-morning meal.

This Summer vacation the centre also started special classes for the women to train them in different skills like applying designs with Mehandi, use of Computers, Spoken English classes , sessions on general knowledge, some craft and drawing, Vocabulary (words with their meanings).

In preparation for the admissions to the next level a parents meeting was conducted and we received quite a good response from the parents who would like their children to be admitted into our Centre.

Our children also participated in the one day Summer Club organized for all El Shaddai Children at the Campal Grounds on the 16th April at the Campal Children’s Ground.




This month we had one hundred and twenty children visiting our shelter. This includes children attending our slums schools and people benefitting from the manna project.
The Blooming Kids Nursery Children were taken for a picnic at Keri beach along with the staff. The children were very happy and had a lot of fun. It was a break from the difficult and strenuous life that they live. They really enjoyed themselves.
The routine community health work was conducted in the slums in Tonca. We were able to assist 4 children who had superficial wounds on their hands and legs. We administered first Aid treatment and advised the parents to take the children to the hospital for better medical intervention.

  • Tuition children’s learning their school studies, projects and preparing for the final exams. We teach the children good manners once a week. In nursery class kids are learning rhymes, shapes, colour names.
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