El Shaddai charitable trust

Adv Miranda and her team visited the El Shaddai’s Albert’s Good News Centre in Moti Dongor and organized a session on Motivation. The team began the session by organizing a lot of games for the children for which prizes were given. Later in the session the team then projected videos of personalities who had achieved a lot in life and the children was encouraged to aspire to reach great heights. Some of the personalities whose life stories were highlighted were Dr AJP Abdul Kalam, Mr Dirubhai Ambani and so forth. Through these videos the importance of education, hard work and honesty required to achieve the goals was also highlighted. Snacks were served to all the children who were present.

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El Shaddai Charitable Trust

Our co-founder, Matthew Kurian, embarked on a 550 km fund raising cycle ride through the South of India to raise funds for the extension of the main kitchen. Though there were no major incidents, a husband and wife couple did fall and sustained a fracture and dislocation. Matthew Kurian also dislocated his knee on the third day of cycling after a particularly tough uphill climb. Fortunately, the medical staff on board gave him the right treatment and he was able to continue the ride. One the route, the team also rested at some scenic locations. Except our co-founder, all of the team were from the UK. The fundraiser was a great success. We are grateful to all who donated for this worthy cause. To watch a video on the reason for the cycle ride, please click on the following link:
If you’d still like to donate for the cause, you can do so at:

El Shaddai Charitable Trust _ HillSong

Last month, on the 6th and 7th of October, Hillsong Australia visited Goa and performed at a concert in aid of EL Shaddai Charitable Trust. The Hillsong team consisted of 11 members, most of whom were students of Hillsong College, Australia. We held a fundraising event at the concert to raise funds for our continued activities among the poor and needy of society. On the 6th of October, Aaron Puddle, Creative Director of Hillsong College conducted a workshop on worship. He conducted the event along with three Hillsong college students who also spoke a little on their experience with Hillsong College.

The concert on the 7th of October was a success as the hall at Kala Academy, Panaji was packed. A gospel band from Bangalore called “Glorious” opened the concert for the Hillsong team with English and Hindi songs. Feedback about the event showed a lot of enthusiasm with one attendee stating “The youth need more concerts like this, it was fabulous”.

El shaddai charitable trust

This month we had around 202 children attending the centre. Nursery and KG I and KG II classes are  running smoothly. The children are given a nutritious snack every day.
Counseling for few higher class children was done. Regular field visits in different areas of Birla was conducted.
The staff were able to keep donation box in various places and have Identified few more places to keep donation boxes.
The Centre conducted the Joy of giving week in various schools colleges and companies. The Centre also spend time in networking with the local Councilors, Panch members and local elected members.

The Centre also conducted peace poster competition for children with collaboration with the Leo Lions Club, Vasco.

The GIM students conducted an awareness campaign on alcoholism for the members of the surrounding community.  The students also conducted and awareness on personal hygiene for morning formal children.

El Shaddai charitable trust - Little Acorns

Little Acorns has an average of around 127 children attending the shelter. New children profiles were updated.
The staff visited Agar Vaddo A/B, Sinquerim, Candolim, Calangute, Verem, Calangute, Baga, Arpora, Anjuna, Mapusa, Saligao, Dessai Vaddo, Probe Vaddo, Nerul Verla, Calangute, Arpora, Cobra vaddo, Dongerpur and Naika vaddo to inform the women about  the Computer and Tailoring classes that is  going to start soon. The staff also visited Cobra Vaddo to mobilize Women and  girls for the beautician course. The staff also visited the homes of the children who are irregular, met their parents asked about their problems. Also spoke to few people about their children and their birth certificates. Mobilized the children and women for slum school and for the Govt. course at Cobra Vaddo.
The Centre conducted a Campaign with help of Town Police Saligao to stop begging on streets. The staff along with the Police counseled the beggars and told them to stop begging and try to find  jobs.
The Centre celebrated World Nature Day at Cobra Vaddo slum in Baga on the 3rd of October.  The staff gathered the people and children from surrounding area and talked them about Nature and the cleanliness. The staff explained that Nature is our best friend and it provides us with all the resources to live. It gives us water to drink, pure air to breath, food to eat and land to stay. Human beings should fully enjoy nature without disturbing its ecological balance. It is our responsibility to take care of nature.
In Cobra Vaddo slum, the Centre celebrated International Day for Girl Child. The staff visited all houses and informed them about the rights of Girls with regards to education, their safety and health. They were explained that  it is our duty to protect the girl child from hunger, abuse & exploitation while extending their rights to education, healthcare.
The Centre organized a Blood Donation Camp , with the help of Goa Medical College’s  Dr. Clara and her team members. 47 donors turned up to contributed in saving the lives of the people in medical need. Only 33 people could donate blood as the others were rejected due to their health cicumstances.

Distributed Manna food: 40 packets of Manna food was distributed regular to children living on the streets every day.

Nursery/KG class: 32 children attended for Nursery and Non Formal classes . The Nursery children were taught  A-Z oral, 1-30 no, myself, names of fruits and vegetables and poems. The children coming for the non-formal classes were helped in maths  – addition, sums and tables, English and Maths . Written tests were held. Transportation, days of the week and months of the year were taught, numbers in words till 30.
Tuition: Around   95 children are helped with their regular homework and in their preparation for exam.
Slum School were conducted slum schools at Cobra Vaddo with 41 children, Dessai Vaddo with 13 children, Probe Vaddo16 and Dongerpur with 19 children. The Children are taught shapes, names of the fruits , names of days of the week and months of the year,  drawing, good manners, good habits, names of transportation, words started from alphabets A-Z orally and written.

El Shaddai charitable trust - Shanti Niketan School

The main highlights for the month is the dental camp, inter school dance competition, speech competition, immunization drive, New Era High School Panchgani visit and UCS team visit to the school.

Dental Camp:
On 29th September 2016, Dr. Akshatha and the team of doctors from Goa Dental College and hospital department of Public Health conducted the dental camp for 250 children.  The children were examined by the dentists and the camp ended with a presentation.
Dance Competition:
On 30th September 2016, Parent’s and Teachers Association of St. Francis Xavier’s School, Siolim organized an Inter school dance competition for Pre – primary and Primary Section. 20 students from our school participated in the dance competition and Pre – primary students bagged the first place.
Speech Competition:
On the commemoration of Gandhi Jayanti,  Intergroup speech competition was organized on 3rd October 2016. The First place was awarded to Renuka from Mars group, second place to Kundan from Neptune group and third place for Abhishek from Mars group.
Immunization Drive : The school collaborated with the Primary Health Centre, Siolim  for the immunization drive conducted on 10th October 2016.
Visit by NEH school:
On 7th October 2016, the school received a special visit –  the students of New Era High School Panchgani .  The team interacted with our children and conducted a spiritual empowerment camp; the team was very pleased to see our school.

El shaddai charitable trust - Loan a goat El shaddai charitable trust - Loan a goat El shaddai charitable trust - Loan a goat
El shaddai charitable trust - Loan a goat El shaddai charitable trust - Loan a goat El shaddai charitable trust - Loan a goat

Chintadripett Dream centre is conducting Play school, Tailoring class, Computer class, Tuition classes and Field work. The staff also arranges small group meeting for women, Literacy class for adults and Medical camp and awareness program.

In the play school 35 children are studying. Every day the staff are teaching nursery rhymes, name of the color, shapes, numbers, coloring etc. The teachers choose different topics for each month.
The teachers train the children to clean, how to behave in the society and their homes, and to be disciplined.
The Centre started the Third Batch of the Tailoring class. There are about 18 ladies presently attending. The women are taught the basic of cutting and stitching of under garments, Frock, Chridhar Blouse, Shirt and Pant. The women who have graduated from the last two batches have begun to make a small income. Some of them visited the centre and express their happiness and gratefulness.

The Centre conducts tuition classes in two places, one in centre premises and another in Pallavan nagar which is 3km from the Dream centre. The efforts of the staff and the Centre were appreciated by the parents when they received the 1st term results of their children. Many of them came to the Centre to thank the staff.

Alberts Community Centre have children attending the tuition classes and the extra curricular activities every day. The Centre also runs vocational training programs namely Computer, Tailoring & Macramé items and Mehandi.
Nursery and KG1 classes are conducted smoothly, students are coping  with portion as well as their exams . Mid morning meal is being served to the children.

Coaching classes are been conducted in the morning and afternoon for children, 242 children come to our center for education.
Awareness talk was given to our adult girls related to cleanliness and hygiene. The staff also emphasized the need to follow certain rules, when they use the toilets. They were also told on how they need to come to the Centre in a clean and tidy manner.
Regularly Field Work is conducted around the Monte Dongar area mobilizing women for the vocational training course – beautician and literacy classes.

Joy of giving week was celebrated in schools, colleges, companies, shops, banks etc. it was a great success were in lots of children and people were made aware of the Dhan Utsav being held. As part of the collection during the festival stationary and grocery  items were received.
GIM students are helping in the coordination of a gynecologist medical camp for the women of the Monte Dongar area.
The professor of GIM students Ranjit and Ajit  visited our center in order to know about the work the GIM students do and whether it is beneficial . They were taken around and shown the work that is being been carried out in the Center.

El Shaddai charitable trust - asha deep

Ashadeep is a day care shelter that looks after 65 children. It conducts both formal and non-formal classes for the children. Apart from educational activities the centre also organises re-creational activities for the students. The shelter conducts slum school for the children. Presently there are around 80 students who attend and given basic education. Every day the shelter distributes 50 packets of Manna food in the slums and for the children living on the streets.
The shelter celebrated the Joy of Giving week in 11 places. The wish list of the children were put up in each of the Centres. The items received were Stationary, Toiletries, Grocery, Pulses/Cereals, toys etc.
The Goa Institute of Management students helped in updating the children’s profile on the system. The students are presently working on a PowerPoint presentation for the shelter and the success stories of the children from the shelter. They have also been helping in organizing  the Prevention of Child Abuse Campaign.
The volunteer’s from England visited the shelter. They worked along with the outreach workers in the slums and the shelter.

Formal tution classes are conducted regularly. There are 45 children who come to the shelter. Since the children have exams, the teachers at the shelter are giving them frequent tests, dictation, revision of question and answers are also being done.
Dance practices for the Prevention of Child Abuse Campaign and for Christmas have begun
There are 20 children who attend non-formal classes every day. The children are taught alphabets, general knowledge, and numerical numbers. Apart from classes that are extra curricular activities conducted for the children.
Slum school: The outreach workers conduct slum schools in the 3 slums of Caranzalem, Tonca and Odxel. There are around 80 children who attend and are given basic education.

Community health work was conducted in Campal, Caranzalem, Tonca and Odxel. Basic first aid treatment was given. Some of the children had fever so the outreach workers told the parents to take them to the doctor and get it checked.

Vocational training

Due to the computer not working. Computer classes have been put on hold but will be starting

El Shaddai charitable trust

The Centre conducts tuition classes only. There are three thousand families living in the surrounding slum and one of our biggest challenges is to find a place for conducting the centre’s activities.
The Centre is conducting tuition classes in two places within the slum, one is inside the church and another one is at an open place.
More than 65 children are attending the Tuition classes.
The space constrain keeps us from conducting any other programmes within the slum.


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