Little Acorns


In 2005 our third Day Care Shelter was inaugurated in the coastal village of Calangute, in the north of Goa. El Shaddai Charitable trust - Little AcronsTourism is the main source of income in this area and during the tourist season people from the neighbouring states migrate to Goa in search of livelihood. The children accompanying them are often sent out to work in the market. Some beg, other pick rags or rummage through bins for items that can be recycled and yet other work as hawkers. The lives of these children are dismal to say the least.

Little Acorns, the Day Care Shelter at Calangute serves as a safe haven for the street children. The children come off the streets into the Shelter for food and medical attention. Some come just because they are treated well and made to feel special. The fieldworkers who work from the shelter spread awareness in the community regarding the Shelter and so more and more children are referred to our care. We have currently few slum schools in various slum areas spread out in Calangute, Candolim, Arpora etc.

We have around 50 to 70 availing the benefits like formal & non formal education, coaching & tuitions classes, Day Care facility etc. We provide daily lunch packets called Manna Khanna for the street people and beggars. Education is a tool that opens doors to a brighter future and the Day Care Shelter at Calangute is doing everything in its power to see that the street children have a bright one. Food, clothes and basic medical care is given to these children. The shelter runs purely on donations and so your help is of much worth to keep the shelter and the great work going. Education is provided within the Shelter and at Formal School.

Contact us at:
Little Acorns
1st Floor, Rellino Apartments
Calangute – Anjuna Road
Opp. Royal Foods
Calangute Goa
Pin Code: 403516
Tel: +91 832 2275997

Item Name Quantity Price in Rupees Price in Dollars Price in Pounds Action
Umbrella 90 27000 395.12 313.37 Donate
Yearly Stationery Set 120 60000 878.04 696.37 Donate
Inter Painting Of The Shelter 1 35000 513.65 360.68 Donate
External Painting Of The Shelter 1 30000 440.27 309.15 Donate
Half Wall Tiles 1 45000 658.53 522.28 Donate
Mini Fridge 1 10000 146.34 116.06 Donate
Aqua guard 1 13000 190.24 150.88 Donate
Ladder 1 4000 58.54 46.42 Donate
Toilet Door Mat 1 4000 58.91 46.57 Donate
Nursery Uniforms 40 20000 292.68 232.12 Donate
EPSON Projector{EB-S31} 1 29800 436.09 345.86 Donate
Office Chair 1 4000 58.54 46.42 Donate
Laptop 1 25000 368.22 291.06 Donate
Manna Project{ per day} 80 3200 47.13 37.26 Donate
Community helath works 1 5000 73.64 58.21 Donate
Medical camp 5 25000 368.22 291.06 Donate
Awerness Program 8 24000 353.49 279.41 Donate
Bench / desk for children 35 17500 257.75 203.74 Donate
Christmas program with gifts 1 65000 957.36 756.75 Donate
Annul Maintenance, Roofing works, plumbing etc 1 10000 146.34 116.06 Donate

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