David Graham, Football Coach, USA:
“I wish to say that I came here with an attitude of give, but in my surprise, I have received much, more than I could imagine. I thank God for the work of El shaddai.”

Jenna, UK:
“I would like to say thanks to all the amazing children for making my time fruitful in Goa and unforgettable one. Even if I never return, I will always have the memory about El shaddai children in my heart as a family.”

Stephen Edward, UK:
“The work which is going on in El shaddai we saw all are well structured and all done for the children with which they impacted many children in distress and poverty, very impressive work of El Shaddai street child care.“

Will McDowell:
“Thankfully I have seen first hand that El Shaddai is different, loving – caring – Sharing, that is exactly what you do and each child matter. I can place hand on heart and say I have been blown away by what I have observed,the way El shaddai work to Children.”

Davis well:
“I am overwhelmed about the dedication in the work of El Shaddai ministries. And every area of work that are involved, which is impacting the children in need and care protection as Street child program. My volunteering to El shaddai was fruitful and very enriching into my life.”

Derik Livingstone:
“Our visit to Shaddai was wonderful experience in Goa. Specially the children and Staff in different units. The “success” of the program clear to be seen in the children with their health and vitality and their Enthusiasm in all they do. !”

James Kernohar:
“I will take many memories home with me from El shaddai, how God is working with children is heart warming and welcoming for the care of the children. El shaddai is making a difference in each child which a mark on their lives.”

Harry Faulkiner:
“Our visit to Goa was greatly blessed by our work in El Shaddai school, to empower the young people to make them the best, that they can be! I have been greatly blessed to see the work of El Shaddai in the lives of many children who are vulnerable in our society, giving them the best care and protection for the brighter future.”

Andrew Law:
“The experience with El shaddai this week have been enjoyable, Educational, and also I was challenged to see the work of El Shaddai to see these children for brighter future.”

“It is my joy that,I had fantastic time in El Shaddai serving the children as a volunteer, seeing the smile and the happiness of the children, it gives me trust to see that the youngsters are looked after!”

Maxi Till:
“Take a leap of faith, open your heart and give your time, journey alongside create fun, joyful moment‘s with needy children in El Shaddai. Give a child hope through your volunteering, a moment of your willness to move, makes all the difference in the lives of many.


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