Leave A Legacy

El Shaddai charitable trust - Bethal child care

Leave A Legacy

You could help us make a difference in the lives of under privileged children and put honest, innocent smiles on their faces.

According to the laws in the UK, if your estate is worth more than £325,000, the Chancellor will take 40% of any money over that sum, in Inheritance tax, but gifts to charity are exempt from Inheritance Tax. So if you leave us £1,000 in your will, the Chancellor will pay £400 of that. If you would like to leave a some part of your estate as a legacy after your death please contact our UK office.

El Shaddai is committed to working with orphans and street children in India. Working closely with these children we find they do not need our sympathy. These are resilient children who have had a tough life. What we endeavour is to offer them a chance to a better life through education and safe living conditions.

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