First Steps Play School and Day Care Center

First Steps Playschool and Daycare began its journey in October 2012; it is a privately run school with professional childcare services for working parents. Our faculty has been fully committed to provide a care plan suitable to every individual needs with bright and spacious playrooms to promote learning at every stage. Our system is designed to create successful learners where teaching and learning is integrated into real life experiences.

Montessori classrooms provide an atmosphere that is pleasant and attractive, to allow children to learn at their own pace and interact with others in a natural and peaceful environment, allowing children to experience as much as possible of the natural world, given modern constraints.

We begin with Montessori and thematic approach to teaching to analyze how children learn and build themselves from what they find in their environment as learning is a natural and self – directed process. Here the children are actively involved in constructing their own knowledge. Montessori classroom provides children with the opportunity to grow into independent and self-sufficient individuals with a deeply rooted love for learning.

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