Victory House

Victory House was our first home started in the year 1997 at the hands of Mr. Duncan Watkinson. El Shaddai charitable trust – Victory house. This was the first property taken on a short lease in Vagator – Goa, and by the grace of God and generosity of sponsors and well wishers, Victory House was bought at Saligao in 2000…

Shekinah House

Shekinah House was our second Home, situated in Assagao together with House of Norma, House of Kathleen and Rainbow House. It was inaugurated in the year 2000. El Shaddai charitable trust – Shekinah houseThere are around 50 to 70 boys aged 10 and above staying in Shekinah House…

Rainbow House

Rainbow House is our third Home, situated in Assagao together with Shekinah House and House of Kathleen. julia1In the year 1999 – 2000, Andreas Toscano, a farmer from Germany, whilst on his journey to India and having heard of El Shaddai, saw the work of ESCT and bought the Rainbow House on mortgage in February 2001….

House of Kathleen

House of Kathleen was our fourth home, situated in Assagao together with Shekinah House, El Shaddai charitable trust – Kathleen House. House of Norma & Rainbow House. After 53 years of happy and contented marriage, the death of his wife, Kathleen, left an indescribable void in Teda’s life who purchased a permanent home in April 2002….

Roshni Nilaya

Roshni Nilaya is our 5th Home, situated in Revora. Initially this House was utilized by our senior boys who used to attend College & were prepared to get ready for living an independent life in normal society…..

House of Norma

House of Norma is a new home for girls started in the year 2014. wunchon1It is our sixth home situated in Assagao together with Shekinah House, House of Kathleen & Rainbow House, currently caters around 50 to 70 girls aged from 6 to 10…..


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