Fundraiser in Germany

El Shaddai Charitable Trust

With increasingly mixed feelings, the participants of the annual charity tournament of the free archer Fuchshof in Germany observed the weather prediction. Finally, the predictions in the days leading up to the tournament date were daily gloomier.

The participants measured themselves on a total of 36 varied targets over two shooting rounds with shots over different distances and with varying difficulty.

In the breaks and after the tournament, the hardworking helpers from the Fuchshof provided for the physical well-being. The final arrow was a shot with burning arrows on a big target that catches the fire and burns down, this has now become one of the traditions of this fund raiser.

After a successful day, a generous donation of over € 710 could be handed over to El Shaddai Germany, which is to be used for the project “Education for Poverty” in India. Organizers and participants are already looking forward to the charity tournament in the coming years.

A heartfelt thanks to the archers from Fuchshof, who  are already supporting us for the seventh time with the tournament!

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