El Shaddai Charitable Trust

The Ashadeep Day Care Shelter along with Tremara Community Centre and Sahara Community Centre celebrated Christmas with the children on the 22nd of December 2016 at the Miramar beach. More than 570 children and a few parents were present for the Christmas party. The guests were Mrs Loretta Pereira from Shalom-  Porvorim, Adv Harsha Naik (Member – Child Welfare Committee) and Mr Stanly Thomas (State Coordinator – El Shaddai Charitable Trust were present. Mrs Loretta spoke a few words and tried to interact with the children explaining as to why we celebrate Christmas. In her speech, she mentioned that without love for oneself and each other Christmas cannot be celebrated. The essence of Christmas is love and goodness. She also conveyed her best wishes to the children and to all who were present.

The Methodist youth group from Porvorim organized games for the children and organised and distributed Christmas gifts to all the Children. There were various dance performances put up by the children from the shelter and children. The children had a nice time.

El shaddai Charitable Trust

Christmas, the festive season is the happiest holiday of the year. The children attending the El Shaddai’s Albert’s Good News Center were involved in decorating their own classes, singing joyful carols and exchanging gifts. This was not only fun for them but it also helps them build their communication and social developmental skills.  The Center organized a Christmas party for the kinder garden children’s on 21 of December 16. A day prior to the event all the children participated in the different activities such as decorating the Christmas tree and decorating their classrooms.The Christmas party began with the singing of carols followed by some games. At the end, Santa Claus entered and this brought joy on the faces of the children. There were also some children who feared to look at a huge man dressed in a red costume. The arrival of Santa Claus made the party more interesting as he danced and distributed chocolates to the children. At the end of the programme a small Christmas gift bag was given to each child. The children enjoyed the party.

El shaddai charitable Trust

The students of the secondary school in Kisslegg Germany were able to generate a considerable profit through the sale of homemade food and other items at their stand at the Christmas market in the old castle. On sale were jars of homemade jam, pastries, and cakes in glass, spices and Indian goods. This activity was carried out by the school children to support the association  – Hoffnung Kindheit and the El Shaddai children in India.

The pupils decided that the 900 Euro they earned from their sale will go to the new children’s home of El Shaddai in Vasco.

A heartfelt thanks to the tireless hardworking helpers – the Students of the Kisslegg Secondary School and the organisors of the Christmas market.

El Shaddai charitable trust

A Medical camp was held El Shaddai’s Alberts Good News Centre. It was a camp that provided a free medical check up to the people of Moti Dongor Slum Community. The Mobilisation for the camp was done by our the field workers and staff. The camp started at 3.30 pm in the afternoon. 60 people attended the medical camp. Through this camp, the focuses were more on senior citizens some of the middle aged people were also treated.
Medical problems that the people had were common cough, some viral fever, allergies etc. Free medicines were given to the people by the doctors present. 30 blood samples were taken . El Shaddai Charitable trust would like to thank Dr. Kenny and his team for taking the initiative in helping the Moti Dongor community.

El Shaddai Charitable Trust

With increasingly mixed feelings, the participants of the annual charity tournament of the free archer Fuchshof in Germany observed the weather prediction. Finally, the predictions in the days leading up to the tournament date were daily gloomier.

The participants measured themselves on a total of 36 varied targets over two shooting rounds with shots over different distances and with varying difficulty.

In the breaks and after the tournament, the hardworking helpers from the Fuchshof provided for the physical well-being. The final arrow was a shot with burning arrows on a big target that catches the fire and burns down, this has now become one of the traditions of this fund raiser.

After a successful day, a generous donation of over € 710 could be handed over to El Shaddai Germany, which is to be used for the project “Education for Poverty” in India. Organizers and participants are already looking forward to the charity tournament in the coming years.

A heartfelt thanks to the archers from Fuchshof, who  are already supporting us for the seventh time with the tournament!


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