On 26th of Jan 2016 we had the Inter shelter & community sports Mela at Batal Batim Beach Majorda.Aim of this sports mela was to Showcase the talents of Under Privileged slum children.500 children along with volunteers and our regular benefactors participated in the event.

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We had an average of around 111 children were treated ( to be checked with Agnelo). 21 children are attending the nursery classes and 14 children the non formal education classes at Cobra vaddo and Telgu Arpora. Fieldworkers visited various places for awareness campaign and fundraising at hotels and shops. Many visitors visited the shelter and interacted with children. Mock fire drill was conducted Children were taken for a Christmas Party at Forex Retreat Centre at Arpora.  

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This month  around one hundred and sixty six children attended the tuition classes being held for the students from the formal school and activities for the nursery and LKG students. The school children were taught according to their syllabus. The children at the tuition classes were taught discipline and school studies. Mock fire drill was conducted in centre and sub centre for the students and the teachers.

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This month we conducted formal and non-formal classes at the center. The children attending formal school were helped with their school studies and preparing for exams. We are also teaching the children GK once a week, around 195 students are attending . In the Non-Formal group the kids are learning Rhymes, Parts of the body, Months of the year, alphabets and numbers orally. Breakfast is being served for kids. Around 45 kids are attending the non-formal class in the morning.

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Stepping Stone street Child Rescue centre has around 125. Children who comes at shelter every day for Education, food and for shelter, and for this children we provide them Food, Clothing, Bathing and Education. We are presently running 5 slum school in different part of Margao Slum and construction area, where around 110 children are been benefitted every day. Our staff gives them tuition according to their School Syllabus. This month the children were busy with the second midterm exams.

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Tremara Community Center is looking after 82 children every day in the morning (NFS class) and 22 children in the  slum tuition classes  every day. We are providing mixed fruits, eggs and milk for our NFS Children. We provide Centre tuition classes for 56 children from our community area.  Vocational classes around 60 children’s are coming to our center regularly.

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El Shaddai Charitable Trust

Seven years ago, Fantaye left her husband—a man who had abducted and married her when she was only 15. Taking her youngest son with her, the mother of seven left her small Ethiopian village with nothing.

Tearfully, Fantaye recalls, “I had no choice but to leave. My husband was a drunkard who wasted all the money on his addiction. I had no means of providing for my children. We were hungry all the time and they didn’t have clothing. I wanted all my kids to have a better future, but I could take only one with me.”

Fantaye made her way to the city of Debre Zeit and moved in with her mother and siblings. Within a couple of months, Fantaye’s children all joined her, coming one by one, running away from their father.

A Ray of Hope Vanishes

Soon the lack of space and resources at her mother’s house became a source of conflict between Fantaye and her siblings. Finally, Fantaye’s mother told her daughter to move out. Fantaye was heartbroken and destitute.

But then there was a ray of hope. Fantaye met a man who promised to take care of her and her children. After they married, life started to improve. Fantaye enrolled all her children in school, and with the help of her new husband, she began looking forward to a better life.

Sadly, the ray of hope didn’t last long. Fantaye’s husband started coming home drunk and beating her. “I was pregnant with my eighth child. When things started to spiral out of control, I decided to leave.”

Now separated from her second husband, Fantaye had to settle for renting a room located next to a sewage plant. Because the room was too small to accommodate the family of eight—and one on the way—two of Fantaye’s girls spent the night at neighbors’ houses and her eldest son slept at the nearby church.

Discovering Real Hope

A year after the birth of her eighth child, Merdikios, a true ray of hope came to Fantaye and her family. “My eldest son, who spent the night at the church, came and told me about a program he heard about from the church staff,” she recalls. “He told me that if we registered, the program would support Merdekios and me. We went to the church immediately to learn more.”

“I have seen many mothers who passed through difficult times in my eight years of service with Compassion, but I have never seen a family like Fantaye’s,” recalls staff member Mrs. Zenash, who wasted no time registering Fantaye and Merdekios into the program. “The house she lived in was a health hazard. It was no place to raise kids. Her baby had no space to move around, and the smell of the sewage plant was unbearable. The family shared one hay mattress and there was a shortage of food.”

Immediately, Mrs. Zenash went to work, and in addition to regular program benefits for Fantaye, she arranged for her to receive additional assistance from Compassion’s Highly Vulnerable Child Fund. This extra help enabled Fantayte to rent a two-room house and buy kitchen utensils, mattresses, bed sheets and food.

Fantaye says, “The support I got was a confirmation that God hears the cry of the poor. For the first time in my life, I was able to cook for my kids. We were able to sleep comfortably. We have enough space and a safe environment where my kids can fully focus on their education. Most important, all my kids are living with me.”

Looking Forward to a Brighter Future

Today, Fantaye has a small business of making and selling biscuits at the local market. Impressed by Fantaye’s resourcefulness, Mrs. Zenash says, “She is earning enough money to pay the rent. She is also saving money. She needed a little push and she seized the opportunity to turn her life around. I admire her determination and courage. There are a lot of women in the program like Fantaye who only need a little support to make a better future for themselves as well as their children.”

Of all the changes in her life, Fantaye considers accepting Jesus as her Savior the greatest. She shares, “I know God hears prayers. I see a bright future because of Compassion. I see a bright future for all my children.”


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