At El Shaddai Charitable Trust, we take your trust very seriously. We know how valuable your confidence is...without your support our vision "Bringing childhood to children who have never had one" can‘t be accomplished".We are Accredited by Credibility Alliance under Desirable Norms." Credibility Alliance is committed to a set of Values that have evolved over time. Credibility Alliance is one of the Leading Accreditation Agencies in India.


El Shaddai Charitable Trust - Sponsor a Child



Over 11 million children in India are homeless. That‘s more than the entire population of Belgium and Euthopia. Your small gift can make a big change in the lives of this unfortunate children.

Sponsoring a child is the most efficient way to ensure the safe and healthy future of the child and help us fight with the poverty.All the child sponsorship money goes in one pot and all our children in various units, homes, centres, shelters, slum schools etc. are supported through this.

Worcestershire couple experience the stark contrasts of life in one of the world‘s fastest growing economies

INDIA is a land of contradictions where the rich are very rich and the poor live on almost nothing. World Bank statistics report that, of a national population of 1.3 billion, 21.9 per cent live below the poverty line. Compare this with the UK’s population of 64.5 million of which, Oxfam report, 20 per cent live below the poverty line.

El Shaddai Charitable Trust - Educate a Child Now

Give a Life changing gift of education to the desperate kids

Overseas Bike Ride

Overseas Bike Ride

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