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Over 11 million children in India are homeless... that's more than the entire population of Belgium.

These children are among the most vulnerable in society, open to abuse, trafficking, and forced labour in factories, restaurants, and mines. They are often given the most hazardous jobs. This robs them of their childhood and takes away their chance for education, which is their only hope of a way out of poverty.

If nothing changes, street children grow into impoverished, uneducated adults. Getting work is unreliable, and an ever-increasing number of jobs require reading and writing. Many are forced to take any type of job that comes their way, legal or not, simply in order to survive.

But there is hope!

El Shaddai Street Child Rescue (Charitable Trust) is a registered, accredited charity working among children at risk since 1997. We provide support to thousands of children across India through our Homes, Shelters, Outreach Projects, and Education. Working among these children, we find they do not need our pity, just a chance at a brighter future.

You are the hope of a child here in India. Your support is essential to the work we do! Please get to know us and consider what you may be able to do! Anything helps!  

"We cannot do great things on this Earth,

only small things with great love." -Mother Teresa

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An estimated 25% of India's urban population (810,000 in 2001) still live below the poverty line. Eighty percent of their meager earnings go towards food and energy, leaving very little to meet the other costs of living. The majority of them lives in slums and squatter settlements, in inhuman conditions that deny them dignity, shelter, security, and the right to basic civic amenities or social services, in an environment in which harbors crime, ill health and disease, frequently raise demands on their resources that draws them deeper into vulnerability and poverty. Urbanization accompanied by sustained population growth due to large scale migration from rural areas to urban centers leads to mushrooming slum settlements in all cities and towns in India.
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We love volunteers! Your knowledge and skills are always needed and much appreciated. Whether you're a teacher, student on a gap year, or professional looking to do something out of the ordinary; consider volunteering with El Shaddai as your first step towards giving a little bit back to the world.

Please see our News and Articles page for recent appearances in the news, promotional materials, and monthly reports on all our projects.

Check out our El Shaddai Sports Club for an update on our extracurricular football team.

For more information on our medical work, please click here. This page highlights the pioneering work started or supported by El Shaddai, making a real difference in the lives of children with difficult medical issues.

We genuinely appreciate the support of our long term contributors and hope that they continue their good work for many years to come.

A Trustworthy Charity

Credibility AllianceAt El Shaddai Charitable Trust, we take your trust very seriously. We know how valuable your confidence is...without your support our vision "Bringing childhood to children who have never had it" can't be accomplished. "We are Accredited by Credibility Alliance under Desirable Norms." Credibility Alliance is committed to a set of Values that have evolved over time. Credibility Alliance is one of the Leading Accreditation Agencies in India.

  • Having seen the charity grow like a child, from its birth through the years to its adolescence, El Shaddai is a joy and pleasure to nurture. However, none of this is possible without the generosity of our supporters! Thank You and please keep supporting our work!.
    Anita , El Shaddai Co-Founder
  • Knowledge is wealth - Sharing the knowledge brings prosperity. Call it karma or call it good vibes; we all need to give a little bit back
    Matthew Kurian, El Shaddai Co-Founder